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Hotel Financing Nationwide

Why you should work with us. 

We've been offering hospitality loans for 42 years. We are constantly up to date on which lenders are offering the most aggressive terms on every hospitality property type. Working with us will give you access to the best possible loan options and we guarantee it. How? We NEVER charge any up front fees. We either find you the best loan or not with nothing out of pocket from you. 

Conventional Loans

Conventional commercial mortgages are typically provided by banks, credit unions, insurance companies and REITs. The lender will assume a first lien position on the subject property and the sponsors are not required to have any hotel operating experience. Often times these loans can also be non-recourse and construction financing is availble. 

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Loan Amounts up to $100,000,000
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Terms from 3, 5, 7 or 10 years
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Up to 75% LTV
4 (2).png
Amortizations up to 30 years
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Debt Service Ratio: 1.25x
We lend on all hotel properties
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SBA Loans

The SBA is often an excellent choice for borrowers looking for higher leverage. There are two programs highly used for the hospitality financing, the SBA 7(a) loan and the SBA 504 loan. Each has its pros and cons. Often times the trick with SBA lending understanding which bank or lender is willing to lend and where. At Small Business Lending we've done the work for you. 

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Loan amounts up to $20,000,000
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Terms from 20 – 25 years
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Long term fixed rates
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Up to 85% LTV
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Fully amortized with no balloon payments

USDA B&I Loans

More and more hotel operators are taking advantage of the USDA B&I program as it, like SBA, allows for higher leverage but also larger loan amounts. We have aggressive USDA lenders knocking down the door for more business from us, allowing us to leverage our loan volume to get you the best deal available. 

We fund on all hotel loan request
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Loan amount up to $20,000,000
2 (1).png
Up to 30 Years
3 (2).png
Floating and Fixed rates available 
4 (2).png
Fully Amortized with No Balloon Payments
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Up to 80% LTV

Get A Loan Quote Within 24-business Hours.

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